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This is a piece from a larger text of anime fanfiction by this writer.

Chapter One: The World Meeting

By: Hailey Pereira

Contributing Writer

Alice was trying to hurry to the world meeting since she was super late.

"I can’t believe I’m going to be late!" she thought as she finally arrived to the meeting room and sat down in her seat. The others were already there, looking back at her surprised entrance.

“Iggy! Dudette! You’re here!” Amelia shouted, using Alice's nicknames.

“America-sama, give England-sama some space please,” Sakura said. She stood up and bowed to Alice before sitting again. Many countries of the world were represented at this meeting, all coming to discuss the usual business. They had their real names, but at this meeting, people were sometimes addressed by the title of the country they stood for.

“I’m pretty sure Iggy has a perfect reason why she’s late,” Francine said. She gave Alice a warm smile.

“Beat it, frog…” Alice said.

“England-sama, we are only trying to know why you’re late to the world meeting,” Sakura said.

“Dudette, for once I’m agreeing with Japan," Amelia gestured to Sakura. "Why are you late? It’s not like you, Dudette. You’re usually on time - what gives?”

“Well, I was trying to fix my hair in the bathroom," said Alice. She was flustered and tried to explain herself. "When I looked in the mirror, something was very off about my reflection in the mirror and - ”

“Dudette!" interrupted Amelia. "Come on! Maybe it’s your bushy eyebrows!”

“No, you bloody idiot!" Alice cried, slamming her hands on the table. "Just wasn’t mine. In place of my reflection, it was a female who looked like me but had pink hair and freckles, both of which I don't have. It was odd!”

“England-sama, may I say something about this?” Sakura asked. Alice nodded. “If I’m not mistaken, perhaps it was your 2P counterpart that you saw in the mirror.”

Everyone at the table gasped.

“But, Dudette, there’s no way our 2P’s could see us through the mirror!” Amelia shouts.

“For once, I agree with Amelia," said Francine. "It couldn’t be possible unless...the balance is being thrown off between our worlds…”

Alice stood up abruptly.

“I need to be excused for a while," she said. "I’m going to look into the balance of our worlds. If what we think is true, then the balance could be corrupted and thrown off.”

Alice left the meeting room, leaving the others sitting in stunned silence. She headed home, and when she got there, she quickly went down to her basement. She rummaged through some boxes, looking for the special mirror that she kept there.

Let’s see if the balance is really being corrupted, she thought. She touched the mirror, and it shook violently.

Oh, dear. This isn't good.

In a panic, she rushed back to the building where the world meeting was being held. She burst into the meeting room, with every nation looking surprised back at her.

“Well, Dudette?" Amelia asked. "What did you learn? Anything?"

"Our worlds are being thrown off balance,” Alice said.

“Zhen zhat explains vhy our 2P’s can see us!” Julchen shouted.

“But if they can see us, then wouldn’t they have a 99 percent chance of crossing over to this world?" Anya asked the room. "I should be correct, da?"

Alice nodded. “Anya’s right. If the balance is this thrown off, they should be coming over to our world."

"This is horrible!" Raivlyn exclaimed. "I don’t want to have a run in with my 2P! She’s too scary!”

“Relax," Alice said. "We don't have enough information right now. We will have to continue to figure this out. If the balance is completely thrown off, then we will have to take action."

“Alright, zhen, meeting adjourned!” Julchen said. Every nation then filed out of the room, all except for Alice.

“Dudette, yah coming?” Amelia asked sticking her head back into the room.

Alice nodded. “I’ll catch up with you in a bit!”

Amelia continued on her way. As Alice stood there in that room, she began to wonder about what research she would have to conduct. She knew then and there that she would have to figure out what was going on about the balance, herself. The balance, their 2Ps, and, really, the fate of their world.