Artist Highlight

Julia Mazur

Contributing Artist, Photographer

Artist Highlight is a place for artists within the high school to share their work in order for them to express themselves through a specific medium. Digital graphic design, sculpting, painting, drawing, photography, and much more are accepted mediums for this page! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in your artwork being featured in the next edition.

Ciara Kilkenny

"Vintage," September 9, 2018 for AP Studio Art

Kilkenny states about her photograph, "I wanted to try to manipulate an old style black and white photo, so the person in the photo wore a black turtleneck, glasses, and used a comb to create a deeper contrast in the photo. [I also wanted] to give a story or a background to the photo, and so that it is not boring or uninteresting to look at."

Tyler Joseffy

"Pollution," December 4, 2017 for Digital Portfolio Preparation

Joseffy states about his digital artwork, "I wanted to address the impacts that factories and other anthropogenic structures have on the environment. I feel like art can convey a true meaning, and I wanted to show that through my art."

Alyssa Kempesta

"Eye Light," September 21, 2018 for AP Studio Art.

Alyssa states about her Studio Art photo, "Taking pictures is definitely something that takes concentration and focus, so when you're in front of the camera, what do you do? I wanted to capture a high contrast and a sense of mystery when taking this photo. I incorporated the black and white to make the composition more intense."