Community Employment Services

The purpose of NPI's Community Employment Services is to assist with job placement in the community where persons with disabilities are integrated into the workforce.

NPI's Community Employment Services assists with determining individual vocational options, interests, and goals. Together we create a plan on how to reach those goals. NPI also provides a Work Readiness Service that assists with building work tolerance and helps improve the ability to find and maintain employment. NPI will make arrangements for these services to occur at a business that represents the type of work that fits the interests of each individual.

To prepare for these opportunities, NPI provides job seeking skills training that teaches strategies necessary to find employment.

The main strategies that we focus on are:

          • Resume development
          • Interviewing skills development
          • Job Application skills
          • Writing follow up letters
          • Accessing the hidden job market
          • Discussing disability issues
          • Understanding ADA rights in the interview process
          • Practicing through mock interviews
          • Preparing for work through job readiness, etc.

NPI’s Consultants will also discuss how to use mass transit to get to and from work. This training includes learning the bus routes, practice using the bus system with the assistance of a coach, and successfully navigating mass transit system.

To be eligible for NPI’s Employment Services Program:

  • You must have a disability
  • Your disability must affect your ability to be employed
  • You must want to work and be served by NPI
  • You must be able to get back and forth to work on your own
  • You must attend all appointments for your services

Community Employment Services

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