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Safe Arrival

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It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school each year if your child is anaphylactic to certain foods and update their child's Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan.

Allergy forms and information

Below are current allergies at Lewisporte Academy. Please DO NOT pack items in your child's lunch or recess that may contain these items:

Peanuts, Nuts (All), Eggs (Raw), Shellfish, Mango, Passion Fruit

Drop off and pick up

Morning arrival - drop off and "walkers": Please try to avoid dropping off students on the front steps before 8:35 AM. The doors cannot be opened before 8:35 AM due to supervision policies and students will congregate too close together at the door waiting to get in. For "walkers", it is better to allow them to walk from home at a time that will get them here after 8:35 AM when the doors are open.


Proper hand washing poster

Schools will have sanitizers stations available to staff and students. If you plan on sending your child to school with their own personal hand sanitizer, please make sure it is unscented. Many of our children are highly sensitive to scents.

More information can be found on the district's website.

Reminder to our community: Lewisporte Academy has security cameras on its premises.