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Brain Break!

Join us & take a break.

You can find what you need below, or to your left!

NHA's Virtual Calming Room

This calming room is meant to help you take a brain break, to ground yourself, to reorient yourself!

Feel free to chose what you need in this moment - look to your left to see what we have to offer.

Who doesn't love animals? Go here to find: live animal cams, cute pictures of animals, funny cat videos + more!

Sometimes all you need is some color.

Take a break and have some fun!

Navigate here for some guided meditations.

Find your teachers' favorite songs, make your own songs, and listen to the song of the month!

Go here for some awe-inspiring photos.

The pitter-patter of the rain? The sing-song of the birds? The boom-clap of the storm? We have it all!

More people support you than you think. Come hear supportive messages from staff, teachers, and even some other students!

Go here for some of your favorite poems, short stories, and some writing prompts!

Find the virtual version of our therapy rounds form here.

Go here for various hotlines to reach out to for help, and for other helpful resources.

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