Primary News

14 December 2018

From our Head of Primary

The last two weeks of term have been full of energy and excitment. The children in Years 1 and 2 showed real passion for their learning and a deep understanding as they shared with their families their knowledge of forces and light respectively in their Mini Exhibitions. I was very impressed with the conversations I overheard between children and their parents. I listened as one learner shared his "hypothesis" of which ramp the car would travel down the fastest and another learner taking the time to patiently explain the phenomenon of light refraction. It reminded me why it is crucial for us as educators to create learning experiences that engage children in deep learning. Just as important, we strive to develop the range of 'approaches to learning' (skills) that children and adults need to be successful. The skills of confidence and communication were clearly evident at both exhibitions. Gender Equality Day, organised by Billie and Midna in Year 6 was another very powerful learning opportunity. Not only did the event raise lots of money for the Malala Fund, it also encouraged strong debate between our learners. Other events over the last two weeks included trips by Year 5 and Nursery and a practical Road Safety Awareness training programme that learners in Years 1, 3 and 5 took part in.

And of course, then there is Christmas... which has come to Nexus in magical style over the last two weeks. Our youngest learners started off the festivities by welcoming their families to the Phase 1 Christmas Marketplace last week. That has been followed this week with the superb Christmas Fair, two Festive Concerts and Carolling in the Cafeteria and Bus Bay. It is wonderful to see our brilliant community working together to achieve so much. The money raised at the Christmas Fair is still being totalled up, but is expected to be around $7,000. The Bouncy Beans Playgroup also got in on the act with a fabulous Christmas themed session, which included a very special visitor! Huge thanks to everyone in our fantastic community who took part and made all these events such a success.

Photos and more details of these events can be found throughout the sections of this week's Newsletter.

Saturday, 1 December marked a milestone for our new school as the Topping Out Ceremony was held to mark the completion of the main superstructure. Staff from Nexus joined Taylor's Group CEO Dato’ TN Loy and Executive Director, Abby Loy as well as representatives from the Architects and Construction Company.

Standing on top of the new school and enjoying views of the Singapore National Stadium and Marina Bay Sands highlighted just how close our new school is to the heart of Singapore.

Semester 1 Learning Summaries were issued yesterday. Please log in to the Parent Portal to view them. Please note that on Friday, 1 February 2019 the Primary School will be CLOSED to allow for the Primary School Learning Conferences to take place.

Learning Conferences are formal sessions for parents that are, in the main, led by the learners themselves. Our teachers will have guided and prepared your children for this experience. The emphasis is on the discussion between you and your child around their learning journey. Full details will follow at the start of the next Semester. Prior to the Learning Conferences, you will find it useful to have read your child’s Semester 1 Learning Summary.

As with this Semester, there are many other exciting events planned for Semester 2. Some of the key whole-school dates can be found under Important Notices. Full details of all events are available on our school calendar.

To end, I would like to thank everyone, learners, staff and parents who make the Nexus community so special and have made this semester so successful for the learners. To all our families who are moving on to new adventures we wish you all the best, in particular Justin, our fantastic Deputy Head of School, and his wonderful family: Claire, Emily and Abbie as they head back to New Zealand. I wish all our families a great holiday and to our Christian families a blessed Christmas full of peace and joy.

With warm regards.


Merry Christmas from the library team!

The library team would like families to recycle their old Christmas cards for the next year. Please pop by and put all your Christmas card donations in our Christmas box!