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There are different branches of military service, each offering a variety of service and career opportunities.

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The ASVAB Career Exploration Program (ASVAB CEP) is a free program offered by the Department of Defense that consists of:

  • The ASVAB multiple aptitude test

  • Interest Self-Assessment

  • Career Exploration Tools


The ASVAB is designed for a different purpose than the ACT and SAT. The ASVAB is designed to predict success in the military, while the ACT and SAT are designed to predict success in college. As a result, the content of the ASVAB is different from the content of the ACT and SAT, and different examinee populations take the ASVAB and ACT and SAT tests. Therefore, performance on the ACT or SAT is not necessarily a very good substitute for performance on the ASVAB, or vice versa. In order to make sure that all applicants are held to the same evaluation standards, it is necessary for everyone to take the ASVAB.