Natick High Mental Health

All About The Site

Welcome! This website was created by Natick High's Mental Health Awareness Collaboration Club in an effort to better connect students with the many mental health resources they have access to! It serves as a home base for students and families who may need mental health support and contains information on:

  • Organizations, hotlines, and emergency services for anyone struggling with their mental health

  • Resources within the school that can be utilized to seek help

  • Self-care activities and applications to help deal with stress and anxiety

  • A monthly highlight to help raise awareness and educate regarding different disorders and disabilities

The Hub for Mental Health & Help

  • For more resources/information about mental health, you can also check out the Triple H: The Hub for Mental Health & Help!

  • You can find the link to the website here: The Triple H Website

  • This website was created by Ellie Pantekidis to help create awareness of certain Mental health Disorders and expand access to help for these issues!