Traffic Guidelines

Drop off and pick up procedures are designed to maximize traffic flow, minimize wait time, and most of all provide for the safety of our children.

We appreciate the cooperation of parents in adhering to these procedures.

Student drop off map
Close up of student drop off map

1. Please use the SOUTH lot for student drop-off and pick-up. The bus lane on the north side of the building is off limits for drop-off and pick-up.

2. Use the entire pick-up/drop-off lane. Pull all the way past the stop sign and up to the second doors. They are open. Do not stop your car in the drop off lane until you have pulled as far forward as you can.

3. After you have dropped off your child, pull into the 2nd driving lane to your left and exit so that vehicles behind you can pull forward.

4. Vehicles in the drop-off lane have the right of way over those in the 2nd driving lane. Please yield to cars pulling into the 2nd driving lane.

5. If you need to exit your vehicle to assist your child with something please park in the lot. No parking is permitted in the drop-off lane.

6. Be sure your child has all of his/her belongings ready in order to make a quick exit.

7. Release students only in the designated areas along the sidewalk. Do not drop them off when you are in the 2nd driving lane or on the opposite side of the parking lot.

8. Always follow directions of staff on duty.

9. For everyone's safety, never move the cones. You must use the 2nd driving lane.

10. No jaywalking or walking between cars. Always use the crosswalk if walking from the parking lot.

11. Pull ALL THE WAY forward ALL THE TIME. Walking is good for children.