At Graham, we currently have four levels of orchestra:

  • Beginning Orchestra (Orchestra 1) for students with limited or no experience.
  • Intermediate Orchestra (Orchestra 2) for students who have one or more years of experience.
  • Advanced Orchestra (Orchestra 3) for students who have two or more years of experience.
  • Chamber Strings, a select group of students who enter by audition. Students in this group are likely to have extensive experience in private lessons and/or have three or more years of playing experience .

How does orchestra benefit the student?

It will give the student leadership, organization skills, teamwork, confidence, listening skills, problem solving strategies, cross-curricular advantages in social studies, math, language arts, and self-discipline. Please click on the following articles to see how playing in orchestra will prepare one for skills in college and beyond:

What will one learn in this class?

A student will learn:

  • How to listen when tuning and/or how to tune their own instrument.
  • Executive skills to perform on their instrument with both the bow and left hand.
  • Performance of rhythmic patterns.
  • Scales, arpeggios and warm-ups.
  • Sight-reading music at first sight from easy to progressively difficult levels.
  • Tunes/Songs in multiple keys.
  • Bowing patterns and bow distribution for an even melody and tone.
  • Left hand finger patterns for increasingly complex chromatic patterns and accidentals
  • Technique for producing a beautiful sound with musicality.
  • Musical phrases that say something beyond the mere notes.

For more resources on string skills, please visit the following website: String Skills