Please feel free to contact me at:

You can also communicate via text through the remind app. I will make announcements and reminders through the app. The remind app will act as as quick way of receiving and texting messages to me. Please join the remind app.

In order to join the remind app, please text to the following phone number 81010.

In the message box please text the following code instead of a text message, depending on the class:

  • Beginning Orchestra (Period 1) Code: @93hc3c9
  • Intermediate Orchestra (Period 2) Code: @efea94g
  • Advanced Orchestra (Period 3) Code: @4g6286h
  • Chamber Strings (Period 8) Code: @k72384
  • Beginning Guitar (Period 7) Code: @d9683g
  • Guitar Ensemble (Period 4) Code: @949bfg

Once you have joined please be sure to register your name with your child's name in parenthesis so that I know which child is yours. Thank you in advance. I look forward to communicating with you all.