Grading will be based on the following learning objectives:

Students will learn how to play different genres or styles of music on a stringed instrument with others. They will also demonstrate understanding of music history, music theory, and will create music according to the national music standards for their grade level. Students will be able to listen objectively to music, to self-monitor, to self-assess their own playing, to apply problem solving skills to find musical solutions, and to analyze music to appreciate and perform high quality music. Learning is based upon district and common core standards for students to meet proficiency goals. In addition, students will learn lifelong skills necessary for success in life such as teamwork, communication, leadership, tenacity, endurance, time management, and responsibility.


Approximate % of Grade

1. Tests and Quizzes 20%

2. Participation, In-class assignments, organization 20%

3. Homework and Practice 20%

4. Performances and CONCERTS 40%

Practice Logs- Students are expected to practice 30-60 minutes daily and to record practice strategies when requested. Practice logs and assignments must be returned once each week for 100% credit. Late assignments will have missing point deductions. Assignments turned in one week later will not be accepted unless excused by a note from a parent.

Quizzes and Playing Tests (25 pts each)- All quizzes are graded out of 100%. Quizzes and playing tests will be completed in class weekly either solo (by oneself) or in groups. Tests can be retaken after school at certain lesson times.