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Student appointments can be made by visiting the Counseling Office before school, during school, during class breaks, or after school. Parents may make appointments by phoning 618-566-2305 between 8:00-3:30 each school day.

New students may register Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am-2:00pm. All new students are required to schedule an appointment with the counselor.


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Expectations for Transition to Middle School

What can I expect from my child during the middle school years?

Early adolescence, the middle school years, is a time of dramatic changes for your youth. At no other time of their lives will they grow more socially, emotionally, and physically than during the middle school years. This is a time of contradictions, challenges, and great rewards. During this time you might expect the following:


Develop loyalties to peer groups Strong need to feel connected to others Worry about fitting in Challenges authority figures, including parents and teachers, begin to develop meaningful relationships


Trying to identify their individual uniqueness. Continual hormonal growth triggers mood swings Extremely self conscious and vulnerable to episodes of low self esteem Feelings are intensified and they tend to take things personally If you don't like their attitude, wait a few minutes, it may change


Dramatic physical growth Great appetites Bones grow faster than muscles Erratic growth often results in lack of coordination Acute awareness of physical development Physical growth occurs before social and emotional maturity


Intense curiosity Learn best when actively involved in the learning experience Learn best when they see the activity as real and relevant to them Develop a sense of humor Put academics second to their social and emotional concerns

Mental Health Diagnosis in Children and Adolescents

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Depression and Suicide Communities Health Adolescent

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1-888-644-5886 (Youth-staffed crisis line every day after 4:00pm)