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The Education Exchange is a 501(c)3 relying on donations, grants, in-kind gifts and fundraising support for the continuation of its programs. Our mission “To improve the education and increase the aspirations of the students in Oxford Hills by increasing parent, community and business involvement” is reflected in our programs and outreach with the Oxford Hills Community.

The organization was formed 25 years ago by community leaders and concerned citizens who raised $70,000 to create the Education Exchange to increase the aspirations of students in pursuit of a higher education after high school.

A board of Directors consisting of MSAD 17 administrators, business representatives and community members direct the organization and it sole employee, the Executive Director.

Aspire Higher Scholarship Program

Awarding Scholarships  @Waterford Elementary

Throughout the school district, Aspire Higher Month is celebrated to encourage students to envision their post secondary aspirations. By participating in the district wide student march and other activities in their schools, students, K through 12, have an opportunity to be chosen for a scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded upon graduation from high school. These scholarships are funded by monetary support from individuals and businesses in the Oxford Hills. Increasing Aspirations is a community endeavor.

List of Scholarship Donors

During the months of October and November, sixty three students from pre-K to12th grade were awarded scholarships as a result of donations from individuals and businesses in the Oxford Hills Communities. The Aspire Higher Scholarship program started awarding scholarships in Oxford Hills in the year 2000. The goal of the program is to increase aspirations among the students starting at a young age and going forward. It is designed to bring the community and parents together to encourage students to pursue an education beyond high school. A young student has been heard saying, “Now that I have a scholarship, I know I am going to college!”

A very special thank you to our 2018 scholarship donors who turn these Aspirations into a reality for our students:

Tally DeCato

Norway Savings Bank

Glenn & Kathryn Wood

Western Maine Steel

Bearfoot Realty

Allen & Diane Gerry

Austin Associates

Bruce & Patricia Cook

Ronald & Laura Morse

J. Boyce Builders

Lorraine Kennagh

Brenda Melhus

Chalmers Insurance

Group CN Brown

Norway-Paris Kiwanis

SWG, Inc

Robert & Sandra Bahre

Theodore & Susan Moccia

Rotary Club of Oxford Hills

Rawn & Joyce Phinney

Oxford Federal Credit Union

Barbara & Sawin Millett

Maine Health

Senator Jim Hamper & Lynn Hamper

Cents for Kids

Rob Pierson (Grover Gundrilling)

Advertiser Democrat Northeast Bank

Allen & Mary Alice Bancroft

JEM Motorsports Kawasaki

Contributions in memory of Bill Hanger

Richard & Charlene Schieferstein


Begun in the fall of 2000, the community internship program has provided 310 juniors and seniors with a real life experience in the business world. It has aided them in making career choices and in selecting courses of study to fulfill their dreams.

Kail and Jesse Walls


TruStrength Athletics

Community Internships

Taylor at OES


Oxford Elementary School

Community Internships

Guidance Counselor Catherine

Catherine's Story

In 2001, during my senior year at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, I completed a yearlong internship through the Education Exchange with Lynette Eldridge at the Guy E Rowe School. During this time, Lynn taught me about the joys and complexities of being a school guidance counselor. After this experience I was able to tailor both my undergraduate and graduate programs to becoming a school counselor and have since made this my lifelong career. I am incredibly grateful to both her and the program for giving me this opportunity.” Catherine Howard-Nein, School Counselor, Brunswick Junior High School.

Financial Fitness Fair

Explaining Finances @Financial Fitness Fair

Explaining Finances

Sharing Success @Financial Fitness Fair

Sharing Success

Budgeting Practice  @Financial Fitness Fair

Budgeting Practice

Prize Wheel @Financial Fitness Fair

Wheel for Prizes

Help with Budgeting @Financial Fitness Fair

Help with Budgeting

Reviewing Budget Sheets @Financial Fitness Fair

Budget Sheets

Financial Fitness Fair 2019

The Financial Fitness Fair is hosted by Oxford Federal Credit Union annually for the Junior Class. Community members, guidance counselors and teachers volunteer their time to give this financial budgeting “gift” to our juniors. The students are transported into the future and are 22 years old. For this exercise, they have a college loan, some credit card debit and are given a credit score and a salary. They are also single with no children. Armed with this information, the students visit all the different booths and have to obtain housing, a car, a meal plan, insurance and the extras - phone, gym, recreation plan. And they have to put at least 10% of their income into a savings plan. By making smart choices, their budget will be in the positive when they have finished this exercise. At the end of the session, students’ names are drawn to “spin the wheel” and win some cash and terrific prizes. The students have found it to a worthwhile learning experience that is enjoyable.

School Business Partnerships

DJ Thorne & Lisa Dunham

DJ Thorne & Lisa Dunham

I am very pleased to announce that Valley View Orchard Pies of Oxford is the new business partner for the Hebron Station School in Hebron. Valley View Orchard Pies’ owner, Lisa Dunham, believes that her company can bring some positive influences to the Hebron Station School. Principal of the Hebron Station School, DJ Thorne, is very pleased to be partnering with Valley View Orchard Pies and is looking forward to a strong relationship with the school’s new business partner.

The School Business Partnerships provide opportunities for businesses and the community to partner with our schools. Partnering a local business with a school, enriches the experiences of students beyond the classroom teaching.

As part of the partnership, businesspersons share their knowledge and expertise thus becoming positive role models for students. They can offer support to the schools by, providing speakers for classrooms, reading to students and to serve as tutors for students. Tours of the business give the students the opportunity to see the inside workings of the company and a new perspective of life in our community.

A school also enhances the relationship with the business by including the business partner as a participant in school activities, school open houses, career days and community projects. They also send cards made by the students on holidays, sharing samples of students work and school news. Each of the eight elementary schools and the middle school in our district have been paired up with a local business.

Annual Appeal Letter

February 1, 2019


The Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange is celebrating 25 years of improving education and increasing the aspirations of students in the Oxford Hills community. This program is dedicated to building a brighter future, while strengthening community ties with students.

Our mission is to raise the aspirations of our students and improve access to post-secondary opportunities. This program is an investment in the potential of ‘Oxford Hills’ most valuable resource – our students, and is successful because of the generous support of friends like you.

Catherine’s story is not unlike the other 310 students that have interned with local business in Oxford Hills through the Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange over the past 25 years. Your support is essential and does make a difference. With your help, we can build the next generation of Maine students, like Catherine, and support their aspirations.

I am writing today and asking you to join our efforts by making a gift to the Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange. Your gift is an investment in the future of each student, the future of Oxford Hills, and the future of Maine. On behalf of our students, and community, I thank you for your contribution.

With sincere appreciation,

Susan Graves

Executive Director

Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange

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