Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment

What is an EDIA?

The Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment, also known as EDIA, is a set of reflective tools and guided processes for schools, departments, and district policy owners to evaluate policies, practices, and budgets with an equity lens that significantly impact student learning and resource allocation. There are four distinct EDIA processes - the Full EDIA, Equity Considerations for Budgeting, Equity Considerations for Policies, and Equity Considerations for Practices.

These EDIA processes are intended to:

  • identify inequities, or which MPS students are disproportionately affected by policies, practices, and budgets;

  • assess the impacts and unintended consequences of changing policies, practices, and budgets;

  • engage stakeholders in a meaningful way around the policies, practices, and budgets, including how to address the inequities; and

  • monitor implementation of policies and practices.

History of EDIA

The EDIA was developed through the time, effort, ideas, expertise, and push of the community. In 2006, a partnership was built between MPS and the community group, Education Equity Organizing Collaborative, which at the time consisted of Voices for Racial Justice, MIGIZI, Somali Action Alliance, and Isaiah/GRIP, as well as other Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities to conduct a racial equity impact assessment on the 2008 Strong School Strong City Referendum. Over the years, this process has grown into what is called the Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment. Since 2013, when MPS institutionalized this process, the district has prioritized identifying and examining inequities in policies, practices, and procedures that significantly impact student learning and resource allocation.

MPS Equity and Diversity Policy 1304

MPS is committed to identifying and correcting practices and policies that perpetuate the achievement gap and institutional racism in all forms.

The purpose of this policy is to establish “a framework for the elimination of bias, particularly racism and cultural bias, as factors affecting student achievement and learning experiences, and to promote learning and work environments that welcome, respect and value diversity. Further, the purpose is to establish particular actions that the District shall take to address disparities in educational opportunity and achievement.”

"The Board of Directors, Superintendent and staff commit to conducting an Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment on all future policies that have a significant impact on student learning and resource allocation. This commitment also includes conducting assessments on policies that are periodically reviewed and updated through the policy development process that have a significant impact on student learning and resource allocation." Read more about the MPS Equity and Diversity Policy 1304.

This website is intended to create greater transparency with the public about the EDIA processes as well as to provide MPS Staff (departments and schools) with information and access to necessary forms and documents that need to be completed for the EDIA process.