To develop passionate inquirers and critical thinkers that contribute to others through offering a variety of activities that so as to allow students to assess their personal strengths and interests and implications of these for future studies or careers


The model shows the movement from foundational subject-based knowledge, to extending learning by adopting an inquiry-mindset motivated by interest and passion, and eventually making use of these knowledge in service to community or school.

LEARN: Build foundation and generate interest in inquiry

  • Authentic in-curriculum tasks
  • Learning journeys, vendor-run workshops that expose students to the domain

GROW: Nurture passion for inquiry through equipping them with domain-specific skills/ disciplinary thinking skills

  • Modules that provide instruction in disciplinary thinking skills/ encourage independent learning
  • Platforms (workshops, learning journeys)/competitions that allow students to develop domain-specific skills

GLOW: Engage with real-world issues, in service to community and/or school

  • Platforms/ competitions that allow students to use domain specific skills in engaging with/tackling real world issues in service to community and/or school.
  • Internships/ attachments that allow students to conduct research or explore their career in the domain


Students are expected to commit in their selected DOTS programme for one year in the following activities:

  • Participation in at least two ‘Grow’ level activities
  • Participation in any ‘Glow’ activity