Personal Learning Device Initiative

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Read more to understand the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) and Personal Learning Device (PLD) Initiative:

"We believe that our Fuhuanites can and want to be Responsible, Empowered and Active Learners, capable of Higher Order Thinking (REAL HOT) and ready for the future."

Fuhua Sec's National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) Desired Student Outcomes:


  • Sets and reaches SMART goals by articulating own learning actions and charting own learning progress

  • Seeks new skills, knowledge, values, and wisdom and applies them

  • Reflects and acts to fine-tune own learning based on feedback received from peers, teachers, and parents

  • Develops own talents within and beyond curriculum


  • Collaborates with peers locally and globally to co-construct knowledge and co-create artefacts

  • Curates data and information online to support own and group’s research

  • Contributes good solutions to uplift the lives of members in the immediate and larger community


  • Engages in a healthy balance of online and offline activities

  • Reinforces positive online behaviour by exercising proper netiquette and sharing only true, kind and positive information on the Internet

  • Considers multiple perspectives and impacts to make informed decisions

With all these qualities, OUR Fuhuanites are innovative problem solvers who are well sought after by all enterprises.

Personal Learning Device (PLD) Initiative: Timeline

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The Online PLD Procurement Parent's / Guardian's Consent Form Submission Guide

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