FAQ's about the ACT:

When should you take the ACT?

  • Students who plan to be college bound after high school can begin taking the ACT at any time. We recommend that high achieving students begin taking the ACT during their sophomore year. Most college bound students begin taking the ACT during their junior year.

How many times can a student take the ACT?

  • A student can take the ACT test no more than 12 times total.

How is the ACT test scored?

How much does the ACT test cost?

  • The ACT (No Writing) costs $46.00, while the ACT with Writing costs $62.50. It is important to check with the college to which you plan to apply to see whether it requires the ACT or the ACT with Writing (College of the Ozarks DOES require the ACT with Writing). Remember that students who are eligible to participate in the federal free/reduced lunch program are eligible for 2 (total, not per year) fee waivers. Fee waivers are available from Teri Replogle in the counseling office.

Feel free to contact your counselor with questions :)


If this is your FIRST TIME registering for the ACT: Click here for instructions to create an account and register for the ACT. Remember, ACT registration deadlines are typically 4-5 weeks before the date of the test.

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