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Personal Project Overview

Over the course of the school year, students will work on three main parts of the Personal Project: Process Journal, Outcome, and Paper. Students will make progress during each phase on the Process Journal and the Paper, but will only work on the Outcome during the Taking Action phase. All three components of the project will be used to assess the student's final work.

Students will use the process journal in Managebac to record their progress and reflections on their individual Personal Project. Students will use their Process Journal entries as reference as they write their essay.

Students will be provided with some specific prompts to respond to in their process journal. Students must answer all of the provided process journal prompts, but they may also add additional entries as they see fit. The process journal should be used to continuously reflect on progress and the growth of Approaches to Learning Skills.

The Outcome

Student's SMART goals should result in a specific outcome by learning 1 - 2 new skills. This outcome can either be an extended piece of writing (separate from the process paper), or a product or event. Student's SMART goal should clearly define what their outcome will be. Some examples of outcomes are: a website, a computer program, a video of a choreographed dance, an original music composition, a food drive at the school. There are an infinite number of possible outcomes for the Personal Project.

Students will mainly work on the outcome during the Taking Action phase of the Personal Project (December - January). Evidence of their outcome is due no later than 1/19.

The Process Paper

A formal written piece that explains what you did, why you did it, and what you learned through the process. You will be given guidance on what to include in this report in your ACP and from your supervisor.

The report should be between 1,500 and 3,500 words, not including titles, headings, bibliography and appendices. The report will be written in sections throughout the school year, as we progress through the different phases of the project. Each section will be a part of the evidence check at the end of the phase.

The report, however creatively developed and presented, does not replace the product/outcome of the personal project. If the product/outcome of a personal project is in written form, such as an essay or novel, this is considered as distinct from the project report. You must be careful to ensure that your report is a distinct component of the MYP personal project and is not a collection of process journal entries.

Complete Personal Project Rubrics

Rubrics with Clarification

Personal Project Deadlines



Evidence Requirements



  • SMART Goal
  • Global Context
  • Works Cited (5 sources appropriately cited)
  • Investigating Outline Completed
  • Minimum of 5 Process Journal Entries



  • SMART Success Criteria
  • Personal Timeline
  • Planning Outline Completed
  • Minimum of 10 Process Journal Entries

Taking Action



  • Final Product/Outcome COMPLETE
  • Final Product Document(s) Uploaded into Managebac
  • Taking Action Outline Completed
  • Minimum of 15 Process Journal Entries



  • Final Report and Product submitted to
  • Final Report Uploaded to Managebac
  • Minimum of 18 Process Journal Entries
  • Academic Honesty Form printed and Signed with Supervisor

Students, all of your process journal entries must be entered in Managebac. You must make sure to keep your Personal Project up to date in Managebac, as that is what your supervisor and the coordinators will be checking at each of the evidence checks!

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