Visual Media & Graphics

CTE Teacher

Mrs. Alison Joy:

I'm a relatively new teacher and I came from the TV broadcasting industry. I've spent the last years honing and perfecting my skills in the production and post-production industry. I have 18 years experience in TV production, Film production, Video editing and Graphics.

I graduated from Elon College with a degree in Broadcast Communications and I went to work for a small production company called Sunbelt video as an associate producer for Black College Sports. I travelled all over to Historically Black Colleges and covered mainly Football games in the SWAC MEAC and other sports divisions. We did Live shows broadcasting directly from the field as well as taped shows in our studio.

The company grew and changed names several times and was bought by FOX and then NASCAR and then became NASCAR Media Group housed in uptown Charlotte right beside the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Being in production for a small company that eventually grew to hundreds of people has taught me how to be flexible, stand out and work in a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

After 12 years at NASCAR I went freelance as a video editor in Charlotte and surrounding areas. I worked for the banks, Duke Power, Mainstreet Productions in Davidson and Hammerhead Productions for Jr Motorsports and Billy Graham. I was then offered a full time position as Senior Video Editor at Billy Graham and I worked for them for 4 years. There I was able to do a variety of projects including films and short documentaries.

I’m excited to be able to show the students many of the things I’ve learned over the years and give them a jump start on the technology used in the Media Industry, Print, Video and Web.

For Students:

I will be your teacher but during class I will be your supervisor, your boss and your leader for 90 minutes each day.

CTE classes are real world training for High School students.

Suggested Pathway

9th Grade: Digital Media

10th Grade: Film Production and/or Adobe Visual Design

11th Grade : Film Production 2 and/or Video Production

12th Grade: Blue Devil Update Fall and/or Spring

In Digital Media, students learn the basics of digital media, including graphics, animation, audio, video, and web design. Students in Digital Media use Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Audition, Premiere, and Dreamweaver.

In Adobe Visual Design, students have the opportunity to get certified in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

In Video Production, students have the opportunity to get certified in Premiere while learning Television Broadcasting.

In Film Production, students will create movies and learn the Final Cut Pro software as well as techniques used in the film industry.

In Film Production 2, students have the opportunity to get certified in Final Cut Pro. They will follow the steps of filmmaking to create a individual final project.

In the Blue Devil Update course, students produce tv shows for the high school, as well as the school system's cable channel, productions for the school system and other competition video entries.