Search Strategies


a little MLA formatting tips...

Search Engines

  1. -The search engine that doesn't track you, If you’re looking for true privacy
  2. StartPage
  3. Search Encrypt
  4. Bing
  5. Discrete Search is a metasearch engine that doesn’t track any identifiable information.
  6. Google (Advanced),
  7. NEW!!! Google Scholar Find scholarly, peer-reviewed subject-specific results with advanced search
  8. Google Book Soople (Google explicit!)
  9. SlideShare - allows you to search for documented slideshow presentations.
  10. Internet Archive
  11. Wayback Machine (archived web pages),
  12. Yahoo!Search,
  13. ASK
  14. CC Search
  15. Thumbshots - compares your site ranking on yahoo, bing and google

Special Search Terms

  1. view:map "search term"
  2. view:timeline "search term"
  3. filetype:ppt "search term"
  4. filetype:pdf "search term"
  5. site:edu "search term"
  6. site:gov "search term"
  7. "SearchTerms" (this searches the Library of Congress!)

Identifying Fake News Sites:

Browser Plug-ins: