Ms. Drake's Trail Page


Assignment: This assignment is designed to lead you through an internet search that will acquaint you with the aftermath of World War One and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. This worksheet contains questions that are answered on the website links that precede them.

Assessment: 31 Points Possible – There are 31 responses worth one point each


1. Go to the Library page on the website

2. Click on “Pathfinders.” This is on the yellow toolbar on the left side of the page.

3. Under the Tab “Holocaust” click on “Rise of the Nazi Party – Mrs. Drake’s trail page.”

4. Click on the link for each heading. This will take you to the page where you will find the answers for the questions for each section.

5. Return back to the trail page to answer the questions for the next section.

Treaty of Versailles

1) What was the Treaty of Versailles?>>

2) Under the "Provisions" Section - List Three things that the treaty required Germany to do:

3.) Did the United States ever officially ratify the Treaty of Versailles?

4.) Did Germany ever ratify the treaty?

5) What was the "war guilt clause" and how did the Germans feel about it?


  1. How much money was Germany originally demanded to pay for reparations in 1921? (Hint: £ is the European dollar sign – it’s called a pound.)

Rise of the Nazi Party

1.)What was Nazism and what were their beliefs?

2.)What were the economic impacts that Germany suffered after World War I?

3.)Why did the following groups support Hitler?

  • Military
  • Middle Class
  • Wealthy
  • Powerless People

4)When did Hitler become chancellor?

5)What was his first act?

6)Watch the video

  • When did Hitler begin his rise to power?
  • Why was he thrown in jail?
  • What did he write while he was in jail?

The Biography of Hitler.

1) When Hitler was sixteen, he left school with dreams of becoming a __. (Circle the correct answer)

  • Dictator
  • Monarch
  • Democratically Elected President
  • Rabbi
  • Painter

2) What symbol did Hitler give to the Nazi Party? Draw it. ( Hint: You may have to go to the next trail page to get this answer.)


1)The word Swastika comes from Sanskrit words. What are the Sanskrit words? What do they mean?

2)Before the Nazi Party used the Swastika, what three religions used the Swastika as a religious symbol?





  1. What is Anti-Semitism?

Leading into World War Two.

1) What year did Hitler become "fuhrer" of the German nation?

2) Use the dictionary to define: "fuhrer". Write a definition below:

3) What happened on September 15, 1935?

4) What happened in 1937?

5) In October of 1936, Germany establishes the Axis-Alliance, which is a group of countries that have teamed up to prevent Communist and Ally expansion. Which country (besides Germany) is involved in the Axis? (Hint: you will have to find out which country Mussolini is in charge of).

6) What happened in September 1, 1939?