WWII Persuasive Essay Research

Montgomeryschoolsmd.org. (2019). Poole MS- World War II. [online] Available at: https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/poolems/mediacenter/projects/grade7/WWII.aspx [Accessed 13 Mar. 2019].

World War II Persuasive Essay Research Assignment

Common Task:

Research a social or historical issue related to a change initiated by World War II. Take a stand on the issue and outline your reasons. Write an essay persuading the reader to agree with your position on the issue.

Students will be able to...

  • Write a thesis statement stating their position on an issue
  • Determine key words which would be helpful in their research
  • Locate and evaluate resources for investigation of their issues
  • Examine text features as an aid in comprehension
  • Identify useful information from print or electronic articles
  • Take notes by paraphrasing and directly quoting
  • Cite sources to avoid plagiarism

Assessed Indicators

  • Apply comprehension skills by selecting, reading, and interpreting a variety of print and electronic informational texts.
  • Analyze text features to facilitate understanding of informational texts.
  • Apply knowledge of organizational patterns of informational text to facilitate understanding.
  • Use the writing process to compose effective expressive, informational and persuasive writing.

AGOPP Research Process

  • A- ask questions
  • G- gather information
  • O- organize information (Use the appropriate graphic organizers to take notes)
  • P- prepare information (Write a first draft, re-read, revise, edit. Then write your final draft)
  • P- present information (Present your paper to you teacher.You will be graded using the 1940's Persuasive Essay rubric.)

Should women in the military be allowed to engage in combat?

Should the media have a responsiblity to inform the public about all aspects of war?

Should the U.S. have used the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Should the Enola Gay be diplayed in the new Air and Space Museum?

Should Japanese-Americans have been sent to internment camps during World War II?

Should the military enforce a draft during wartime?

Should the holocaust be taught in school?