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We will offer a remote version of the 11:00 AM presentation for directors who are not going to able to attend Tech Day in person. In the event that Tech Day is cancelled, we will all gather on the Google Meet attached to the Google Calendar event (you have all been invited to it) at 11:00 AM. We will complete the agenda (including a lighting demo) as well as we are able on the Meet.

Also, if Tech Day is canceled, we looking at trying to add in some flexibility to the Tech Check schedule on Friday 3/10 and Saturday 3/11 so visiting schools will have a brief period for operators to work with the light and soundboards before their tech check time begins and to accomodate the installation of specials (thus far, only one school has indicated an intention to do such).



MDI Drama is pleased to host the 2023 Downeast Regional of the Maine Drama Festival on March 10th and 11th. Please be sure to review the 2023 Drama Council Bulletin and the Official Rulebook.

Directors' Responsibilities

The MPA wishes to stress that it is the responsibility of visiting directors to monitor student behavior during the entirety of the competition weekend. To that end, please be sure that you have enough chaperones to be able to do so.

All directors are required to complete the Special Installations Form (posted below) by Monday, March 14th. Items that are not in place by the time of the meeting must at least be clearly indicated to the Festival Tech Director prior to the session. All directors must have the opportunity to see what will be available for use on Festival weekend. It is strongly suggested that you bring your light and sound operators to familiarize them with the operation of our equipment. Please do not bring all of your students.

Please bring a copy of your performance license/cutting permissions to Tech Day.

Finally, please remember that it is each visiting director's responsibility to inform his or her students that they must secure their own money and personal possessions. The Maine Principals Association, Maine Drama Council, host director and host school are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Please feel free to contact me by text or voice at (207) 669-5990 (no school coverage -- leave a message) or by e-mail to, the last being by far the quickest and most reliable way to reach me. 

I look forward to seeing you on Tech Day.

Casey Rush


Important Food Information

As I have mentioned before, I have never paid for meal plans when we traveled in the past. I buy simple stuff for the meal before we perform (sandwich fixings, snack bars, fruit, water, etc.) and have had parents organize crockpot meals, soups, and bread (we did this in Rockland and Freeport at past festivals, so it can be accomplished remotely). I'm a big believer in not giving the kids lots of heavy, greasy food before they perform. Also, the air in our building is notoriously dry, so I would encourage your kids to stay hydrated.

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