Greetings Argyle students and families. I hope that as you read this message, you are well. Through this site you will find out information about the electives you will be able to take next year here at Argyle. This site should be used as a resource to choose your electives for next year. I am looking forward to ending this year strong as we get ready for a great start next year.

Mr. James Allrich

Welcome to the 2023-2024 course selection website. 

Please Click this Video Link for a Mini Presentation on Course Selection

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Video Presentation for Course Registration

Course Selection Process

5th Graders:

In-Consortium: 5th grade students who attend an in-consortium elementary school will be visited by Argyle counselors to help them walk-through the scheduling process, including how and when to rank their electives

Out-of-Consortium:  5th grade students who attend out-of-consortium elementary schools will be provided an opportunity to meet virtually with Argyle counselors and administrators to learn about the scheduling process and communicate when and how to select their electives on Wednesday, January 25 from 6-7pm via Zoom. Information is posted on our school website. To accept your seat at Argyle, go to:

6th & 7th Graders:

Current Argyle students will be visited by their counselors via Advisory classes to help them explain the scheduling process and provide information to rank their electives for next year.