Ms. Hom's Math Class

8th grade Scavenger Hunt due Friday June 1

Sub Monday 21

No tutoring 8th grade trip

Notebooks (test grade)- Due Monday 7: blue, orange, Tuesday 8: red, Wednesday 9: green

Math testing May 7-11- no tutoring

No Tutoring:grading projects/hw

Check grades(all homework was inclass and/or went over answers in class)

No Tutoring 4/23-27 7th grade camping trip

no tutoring 4/16-20 grading projects, if you need help, please let me know so I can schedule time


no tutoring this week- math science fair, dance

Projects: check homework for list of items to include*

Easter Egg Bonus- Students check website on Easter(April 1) for question, answer it correctly to earn prize (extra credit, hw pass, class participation, dojo points) Must answer question that matches egg color from class. Email me the correct answer by the end of the day. (look at homework section for questions)

No tutoring Monday 26(sub)

No tutoring this week (conferences) and Math testing W/Th

No Tutoring Thursday and Friday 3/15-16

Grades Updated 3/11, 7th: 2.3-2.4 quiz(out of 10), 8th: ch 3 test(out of 8)

Math projects assigned on Monday 3/5, Due April 9(when we come back from spring break)

All missing work for 2nd semester (last chance) due Friday 3/2

Students who need to fix last quiz grade- 7th:3.1: tenmarks unit rate due Tues 3/6

8th:3.1-3.2 : 3.1 2 ws, 3.2 2 ws(due Friday 3/2)

Math Int class: TenMarks assignments will not be due Friday 16, due to no internet

No tutoring Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2/13, 15 and 16

Quiz Friday 2/9 7th: 2.1 8th: 3.1-3.2

Sub Thursday and Friday 2/8 and 9, No tutoring

Grades updated 1/28 :no more assignments will be accepted for 7th:ch 5, 8th:ch 2, unless absent

check engrade for grades/what to redo before the chapter assessment

no tutoring Friday 1/18

New Semester 1/17

Grading Update- Redos- low homework scores accepted during current chapter only(learn/fix mistakes before the quiz/tests not after)

Homework is due the next day, everyday it is late, you lose a point(hw is worth 5 points) -if absent-same amount of time to makeup(if you need more see teacher before it is due/not after)

Notebook- take notes daily, write the date, objective and any notes/comments (test grade)

questions/concerns- email or see me any time

Last day to turn in Notebooks is tomorrow

No tutoring Thursday 1/11(Staff vs Students Basketball) 4-5pm

Notebooks due Wed, 1/10(test grade)

Battle of the Bands is Wed Jan 31

Last to turn in any redo hw is Friday Jan. 5

Membership meeting(history/tech)/Book fair Tuesday 4-8pm (gym)

7th quiz ch 5(*5.1-5.2) Thursday 14

8th quiz ch 2(*2.4-2.6) Thursday 14

Last to turn in any redo hw is Friday Jan. 5

New Tutoring Schedule Monday-Thursday 3:40-4:30(not Wednesday)

No tutoring this week Nov 27-1

No School Nov 20-24 Happy Thanksgiving

7th chapter 4 test Friday 17(4.1-4.7) covers material from the ch 4 quiz and 2 sections.

8th chapter 2 test part 1 (2.1-2.3) Friday 17, covers material from ch 2 quiz.

*Tutoring update: 3:40-4:30 M, T, Th, (No tutoring on Fridays) No tutoring this week 11/13-17

Quiz Friday 7th: 4.1-4.5 8th: 2.1-2.3

Fall Testing Mon 6, Tues, 7, Thurs 9, Mon 13, No tutoring

No school Friday Nov. 10

Progress Reports Nov 1, all grades in Monday 10/30

Tutoring after school until 4:30 M,T,Th, F

Conferences start Wednesday 18-20 1-6pm(No tutoring)

sign up in hallway by the gym.

Get Class Dojo to stay informed

if you have not already download/joined class dojo, please ask for info.

Check grades on Engrade

if you need the login/password, check manzy pack

Back to School Night Tuesday 10/10 7-8:30 pm

No School Monday 10/9

No tutoring Friday 10/6

Chapter 1 Test Friday 10/6, Study!!!!

Picture Day Monday October 2


All missing homework/absent work is due this Friday 29, no exceptions. Any work that is past due will not be accepted after Friday 29. If you do not know what you are missing, please check engrade, if you do not know your password/login, it was in the manzy pack last week

No Tutoring Friday 9/22 or Next week 9/25-29

if students have a question they can ask inclass or afterschool

Review ch 1.1-1.5 this week, Retest on Friday 22

Look through your notes/hw, if you have low hw scores, ask questions, if you do not understand how to complete your hw, you will not do well on the quiz. Study!!!!

First quiz tomorrow 9/15 on 1.1-1.6

review homework and notes

Fix mistakes on homework for full credit*(if turned in on time)*

if you need help, please see me during tutoring.

Write "Redo" on top of the page, staple the corrected problems to the original work and turn it in.

Extra Help

struggling or need to practice skills? Tutoring before or after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

First Day of School, Monday, August 21

This is a Minimum Day 12:30 dismissal

Registration 8-8:30 am by the gym

Mandatory Orientation 2017-2018

Tuesday, August 15 at 7pm

Please join us for the 2017-2018 Manzanita Charter student and family orientation night. I will have a brief meeting about 7th/8th grade math with information for students and parents. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with students and their families before the start of school. Hope to see you there!