Know MAD

In order to be a vision guardian of Make A Difference, you must truly understand what MAD does, why we do it and how we do it. In short, you must KNOW MAD in order to be effective and efficient at what you do. This page gives you all the information you need. It serves as an upskilling platform as well.

What makes you a MADster?

As MADsters, we have a few things in common. Be it our passion towards children or be it our never say die attitude. This page will tell you everything you need to know about our values and how we use these values to come together and support the children that we are working with. To know all about what makes you a MADster, click here

Volunteer Leadership Circle

The Volunteer Leadership Circle is the one place where you understand everything about what Make A Difference does. More importantly, you understand why MAD does what it does. You learn that together as a family, you can accomplish anything. It is also the space where every MADster realizes that they are willing to do whatever it takes for how ever long it takes!!

Here's the link to Volunteer Leadership Circle presentation along with slide notes. So skim through it and make your own key takeaways notes for your future reference.

Support Systems in Make A Difference

Ever wondered who designs Make A Difference's recruitment workshops, Ed Support classes, Transition Readiness sessions etc? Make A Difference has full time employees working from Bangalore ensuring that everyone gets all the support possible. This link contains the names and email addresses of all the support systems that MAD has. You can read about the Directors and also get the details of all the Regional Managers (Strategists) and the City Managers (Fellows) for all cities and verticals.