Dear MADster,

Welcome to the Volunteer HQ! It's a one stop shop for all information you need during this amazing journey at MAD.

As a volunteer, you are the vision guardian for all children out there and this website is built to support you with everything MAD. You can understand more about MAD, find training material and learn more about support and escalation systems built for you.

Bookmark this link so you can find it easily through the year. You can find the index below.

Hope this year is filled with learning, love and MADness ❤

Exploring the HQ

Know MAD: Things you want to know

What makes us MAD? Who are we? Why do we do what we do? Find all the answers here.

Fairness at MAD

Learn more about the policies and how we ensure fairness at MAD here.

Fundraising HQ

Have you checked out the CFR HQ yet? Here you can learn how to become an awesome Fundraiser and how to confidently talk to people about anything that you are passionate about.

Additional Reading Material

Click here to read the Annual Report of Make A Difference for the year 2016-17.

Click here to read the Insights Document for the year 2018-19. This document dives deeper into everything we do at Make A Difference.