Policies at MAD

The policies at MAD are a way of safeguarding and ensuring a fair and safe environment for you.

You can read more about some of the key policies we have, below:

Code Of Conduct

As volunteers, you are role models for the children and vision guardians of the organization. The Code of Conduct are a set of guidelines for actions and behaviors that are non-negotiable for us to work in the shelter and childcare environment. Not practicing these can put the children and organization at severe risk, which is why code of conduct violations are taken very seriously.

This is a document you sign when you join MAD. Find it here.

Child Protection Policy

We exist to ensure better outcomes for children, so it's crucial that each one of us ensure the safety of the children we work. Working with young children calls for additional sensitivity and measures to ensure that children within our care and protection are safe - physically, emotionally and sexually. MAD has therefore established a series of child protection measures for any abuse through this policy within our own organisation. This is a non-negotiable for all volunteers and stakeholders from MAD to sign and follow.

You read, understand and sign the policy [Find it here]. You can read through the unabridged policy here.

Anti Harassment Policy

In MAD, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. It is an environment that is conducive to the growth and nurturing of its volunteers. To ensure these are maintained we have the Anti Harassment Policy.

MAD will not tolerate any form of verbal, physical or sexual harassment of the organization’s members by anyone, and we are committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that you are not subjected to any form of harassment.

Read up on the Anti Sexual Harassment policy here.

Read up on the Anti Harassment - Verbal and Physical Policy here.

Privacy and Data Collection Policy

Your privacy matters! We make sure that the information of employees, volunteers, stakeholders, suppliers and other parties are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. This policy ensures that we gather, store and handle data fairly, transparently and with respect towards individual rights.

Find the policy here.

Equal Opportunity Employer Policy

MAD strives to be an inclusive, fair and diverse space for all its volunteers and employees. Being an equal opportunity employer means that we provide the same opportunities for recruitment, advancement and benefits to you without discriminating due to protected characteristics like age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity/nationality, religion, disability, medical history.

You can read more about the Policy here.

Credits and Exit Policy

At the core of our interventions is providing consistent support to children. In MAD, as a volunteer you have a minimum commitment of 1 year for two key reasons. Firstly, to avoid disruptions and too many changes for the child in the middle of the year and secondly, because lots of resources are used to make sure you are invested in heavily across the year. Credits are a way to ensure consistency for children and not maintaining credits can lead to probation or exit conversations. Understand more about credits and exits here.

In case you see any violations of these policies, you can use the escalation mechanisms to surface them.

Read more about our escalation systems in the next page.

We are here for you!