Welcome and Information

Welcome to the Lynden Junior Market Sale!

The market sale committee is working year round to provide Whatcom County 4-H and FFA members the opportunity to raise and sell a livestock animal at our annual live auction in August.

If you are a 4-H leader and have members selling for the first time please email info@lyndenjrlivestock.org your email address, phone number, and mailing address. This is for registration, picking up the tags, and receiving the member’s checks after the sale.

Currently, exhibitors may raise, show and sell steers, hogs, lambs, goats, pen of three fryer chickens, pen of three fryer rabbits, and turkeys. All of these animals have age specifications, weight requirements, ownership deadlines, etc. Please read all of the rules carefully here.

How do you get started? First decide what animal you would like to raise and sell. You may raise as many as you would like. You can tag as many as you would like, just keep in mind each tag will be $5. You may only bring two market animals of the same species in 4-H or FFA to the fair to show and may only sell one animal. For example, one exhibitor could show 2 lambs in 4-H, 2 lambs in FFA, and 2 goats in FFA but would only sell one animal. They would choose the animal they would like to sell after their last market class.

What is involved in tagging and why are the animals tagged? We tag animals for the integrity of the sale. We want to know the exhibitors have raised the animal for a required period of time. Tags will be acquired for their entire club or chapter by the leader/advisor. Leaders and advisors please email info@lyndenjrlivestock.org or call Amy, the owner of Laurel Farm and Western Supply at 360-398-1216 to get the tags. The phone number given is the store number. Ask for Amy and if she isn’t in please leave a message stating it is about tags for the Lynden Junior Livestock Sale. When you call or email plan to give us the number of tags you need for each species and what club you are a leader for. We will then get the tags ready and you can pick them up at your convenience during store hours. The store address and hours are 325 West Laurel Road Weekdays: 8:30 - 7:00 Saturday: 8:30 - 6:00 Sunday: 9:00 - 5:00. Steers must be tagged and registered by April 15. Lambs, goats, and hogs must be tagged and registered by June 15th. Give yourself plenty of time to order the tags, have your leader get them, have your leader come out to verify the tag have been placed in the animals ear, and place the online registration before the deadlines. It does not matter which ear the tag goes in. The tags are of good quality and are a tamper proof tag. If a tag does happen to rip out, contact info@lyndenjrlivestock.org immediately. Turkeys will not be tagged until weigh in of fair, however, the online registration due date is also June 15th. Rabbits and chickens will not be tagged but they must register online by July 25.


This is an online registration form that lets us know your tag numbers, how many animals you are raising, what species you are raising, and by agreeing to abide by all of the rules. Once you have your tag numbers in place go to www.lyndenjrlivestock.org. Click on "Register An Animal". Please fill out all of the information needed. Poultry and rabbits do not need tag numbers but they must register to let us know how many animals you are raising as well as agreeing to the rules. Chickens and rabbits must be registered by July 25. Steers by April 15. Lambs, goats, hogs, and turkeys by June 15.

Sign up for the Northwest Washington fair market class so the superintendents for each species know how many pens are needed. We are not in connection with the fairgrounds and therefore an exhibitor must register their animals at both the fairgrounds and the market sale.

Here is a run down of fair week:

Monday –

Monday morning will be a mandatory meeting for all 4-H and FFA exhibitors in the Henry Jansen barn. Parents are welcome to attend. Leaders and advisors should attend this meeting. During the meeting or directly afterwards the leader or advisor will get cards to hand to every exhibitor. This will have the exhibitor name, club/chapter, species, and tag number. If there is a mistake or misspelling please come to the office located upstairs in the Henry Jansen barn immediately after the meeting to get this corrected. Weigh in starts immediately after the meeting. At weigh in you must have this card and a quality assurance sheet for every animal. Every exhibitor must have their animal weighed and a photo taken Monday morning, no exceptions. We start with the poultry and rabbits at their barns. Then we move to the Henry Jansen barn and the rest of the livestock. All the animals and exhibitors must be show ready. That means exhibitors must be clean and show clothes on. Animals must be clipped appropriately for their species, clean, and dry. Make sure the tags have been cleaned for easy reading. Weigh in can take a lot of patience and we need you by your animal waiting for your turn. After weigh in, fill out the remaining requirements for your project animal record book. 4-H must hand in the record book to the market sale office upstairs of the Henry Jansen barn by 5pm. Fill out the blue paper handed to you at weigh in when your animal made weight and hang it above your animal’s pen by your animal’s stall card today.

Tuesday and Wednesday –

If you have more than one animal make sure to tell us which one is selling within two hours of your last class. If we don’t hear which animal you want to sell within two hours after your last class we may choose for you. Why would we choose? We are scrambling to make the sale order to have time to get the sale booklet printed. Please don’t make us decide for you and let us know which animal you plan to sell!

Friday –

Friday is sale day. Be ready in show clothes and animals clean. The sale starts at 1pm.

Saturday –

For haul out to go smoothly, the office needs to know where each and every animal is going by Saturday morning. The buyer of the animal sold at auction will specify where the animal is going at the time of purchase during the sale. For the rest of the animals, there will be a sign up for animals to go to the meat processor of your choice. Again, you must be signed up for this. We also need to know if you plan to take home your animal. If plans change, we need to know, please contact us by email info@lyndenjrlivestock.org, or come upstairs to the office. Have I mentioned we need to know enough times? It is important we communicate with you as we want your animal that you have spent many hours with to go exactly where it needs to, whether that is back home or to a meat processor, or somewhere else.

On Saturday evening the leaders/advisors will be given all of the exhibitor’s thank you lists as well as a photo for you to give to the buyer of your animal. The list may change some but for the most part should be correct. Please go out quickly to give thank letters to each and every person that gave you an add-on and to your buyer.

All week –

Listen for any announcements over the intercom during the week.

What are quality assurance sheets? Quality assurance sheets let us know what vaccinations, medications, deworming, or any other products have been given to the animal. We want all the buyers to know they are getting a healthy animal and quality meat. At weigh in a quality assurance sheet must be handed in for every animal. Quality assurance sheets may be printed off from here.

Why do we require record books? We want to know you understand the time, effort, and money it takes to raise an animal to sell.. Record books for 4-H may be printed off from our website here.

Will my animal sell? Yes, your animal will sell. However, many exhibitors do go out between June and August before the sale to find potential buyers and/or supporters. Here is an add-on sheet to print and hand out. Please use this sheet and do not make your own. You may make your own letter and place the add-on sheet with it. All checks must be written to Lynden Junior Livestock or LJLS. Feel free to talk with others about where they go to ask for support or how they write their letter. We start taking checks as early as July. All checks with add-on sheets may be sent to P.O. Box 972 Lynden, WA 98264. You may also bring any checks along with an add-on sheet to the market sale office located upstairs of the Henry Jansen barn during the fair.

Receiving your checks! Leaders will receive the exhibitor’s checks in October or November. We try hard to get the checks out as soon as possible. Why does it take so long? We are working hard gathering all of the money. The community is amazing in the support given and because of this wonderful support it can take a while to receive all of the money. Once the money is received, checks are written, and sent to the leader/advisor. All of the supporters are listed again. Some may have been added or changed. Please make sure a thank you letter has been given to each and every add-on and buyer before depositing the check.

We hope this has helped you feel ready to jump in and be a part of the Lynden Junior Market Sale! If you have more questions feel free to ask any of us on the committee or contact your leader.

A few additional things to know:

The show and sale is held at the Lynden fairgrounds during the Northwest Washington fair; however, the market sale is completely separate. Any questions, donations, checks, etc. can’t be answered by anyone in the fair office because they don’t know what you are talking about! Please contact us by email info@lyndenjrlivestock.org or visit us upstairs in the market sale office above the Henry Jansen barn during the fair.

All of us on the committee are here to help our youth have the opportunity to raise and sell a project animal. We all want each exhibitor to succeed! Every person on the committee or any person you see helping out are all volunteers. Nobody is paid for all of the time they put in to make sure that this sale goes as well as possible. The percentage taken from the checks are for all the things needed to have a successful show and auction. Some of these costs are computers, making of the sale booklet, advertising, paper, CPA (we are a non-profit), etc. If you would like to help out please contact us!

The amount of support given to the exhibitors from our community is overwhelming and awesome! We hope every parent and exhibitor can take the time to thank and be in awe of our amazing community.