Tagging an Animal

All animals must be tagged and the online registration form must be filled out prior to the deadline date for that species. This is done to keep the integrity of our show and to show proof of ownership by the required date.

All animals going through the market sale must be registered online through the market sale registration portal. 4-H Leaders or FFA Advisors contact Amy Eldred at Laurel Farm and Western for tags. Tagging must be done by a 4-H leader or FFA advisor prior to filling out the online registration form.


Steers - April 15;

Hogs, Sheep, Goats - June 15.

Turkeys will not be tagged, but exhibitors must fill out the online market form no later than June 15

Poultry and Rabbits - July 25

Market record forms:

For 4-H members are due to the market sale office in the Henry Jansen barn by 5 p.m. Monday evening of fair.

FFA market record forms are due to advisors on Monday evening as well.

Quality Assurance Forms

Need to be filled out and turned in when you go over the scale for weight in on Monday of the fair.

Additional Information

Numbers at the sale must match the number an name on the card signed at the time of tagging. Siblings, relatives, friends, or peers may not transfer animals or tags, no exceptions!!! When your animal is weighed at the Northwest Washington Fair, your tag number will be matched with your name and the signed form you received at tagging.

You may tag more than one animal but only sell one. Each animal tagged and brought to the fair must be weighed regardless of whether it is being sold. This is to ensure it is judged in the proper weight class.