Summer Assignment

Summer Assignment ONLY for Spanish 5 AP/IB HL 2

This assignment is required if you intend to take Spanish AP/IB HL 2. As an advanced Spanish student, you will be asked to sign a Spanish Only pledge at the start of next year's class. In the interest of preparing you to be an active participant in the IB/AP class, you will be required to do the following summer assignments to help build your reading and listening comprehension skills and to inspire you to use your Spanish from day one.

Assignment #1

Choose three articles from Spanish-speaking newspapers or magazines, either online or hard copy. The length of each article should be a minimum of six paragraphs, not counting paragraphs of one or two sentences.

Each article should be on a different theme from the Spanish speaking world. For example, technology, health, entertainment, immigration, travel, politics, environment, etc. Make sure there is a link for each article. Complete the provided worksheet which includes a list of five to ten key vocabulary words per article and at least 5 key points in the article. In August, you will be asked to choose one of your articles to present orally to the class, using no more than your limited list of key words. You will also be asked to email your work along with the links of each article..

Assignment #2

. Obtain the novel "Cuentos de Eva Luna by Isabel Allende. You may work alone or with a group of up to 3 people. Pick 3 stories that you would like to read from the list below. I will be asking for your preferences the first day of school. First come first serve! Be aware the book we will be reading is “Los cuentos de Eva Luna” by Isabel Allende NOT Eva Luna!

These are the Cuentos that you can choose from:

El oro de Tomás Vargas


Lo más olvidado del olvido

La mujer del juez

El huésped de la maestra

Un discreto milagro

Cartas de amor traicionado

El palacio imaginado

De barro estamos hechos

Assignment #3- La tele

Your will be required to watch at least 5 hours of television in Spanish and fill out the worksheet provided. They will be collected with the other assignments.

Summer homework will be due the second week of school!!

Please print this document and use to submit answer: