Bienvenidos a la clase de español de la Srta. Heller

Agoura High School


Señorita Heller

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Spanish class! We are about to set out on a fantastic journey in which we will be studying one of the most popular languages in the world. Below you will find goals and policies for our class this year. Please read the information carefully, then sign and return the bottom of the last page.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM: I will be using Google Classroom. I will have all homework assignments, class notes games, tutorials, videos and practice quizzes etc. Please go there often and practice what you are learning, your grades will improve!

Required for class:

  • Charged Acer

  • Textbook and workbook

Suggested Materials for Spanish 1 and 2

  • 3 Ring notebook with plenty of paper. Notebook will consist of four sections

  • Apuntes (notes)

  • Trabajo de clase (classwork)

  • Tarea (homework)

  • Reflections

  • Blue or black pen

  • Different color pen for correcting

REFLEXIONES: ESPAñOL TRES, CUATRO y CINCO. IB HL 1 and HL2. You will be keeping a reflection journal on your computer. You will be asked to express various opinions, feelings and the like on any kind of class discussion or life experience. Each reflexion will be at least one page in length/200 words unless specified. Reflection Journals will be collected at various times during the year. The reflection entries must be typed if they are not you will not receive full credit.

COMPETENCIA ORAL (Oral Competency): (Tarjeta azul – Blue card) Each five week grading period you will receive an oral proficiency grade ranging from 20-30 points. The grade will be based on pronunciation, correct usage of grammar, and your motivation to challenge your own abilities.

DEBERES y TAREA (Tasks & homework): All work must have the proper heading: see upper right hand corner of this page. Label all work on top line of each assignment. Make sure that homework number is written on each homework assignment and is corrected correctly.

TAREA: Homework assignments are given nightly. Homework will be checked and students will correct their errors. Homework that is not corrected will not receive credit. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED EXCEPT THAT DUE TO AN EXCUSED ABSENCE. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what homework assignments have been missed by checking my Agoura High School website/Remind. Each grading period students can earn 25 points. Students will loose two points for each assignment not completed. Both homework and class work serve as a review for tests and quizzes. Homework and class work can be collected and counted as a quiz grade. I will not be accepting late television assignment as it is a going on homework.

AUSENCIA (Absences): For EXCUSED absence for unit exam you have until the 5 week grading period to take it.

A student will have 2 class periods to make up projects and oral presentations.

NO MAKE-UP WORK IS ALLOWED FOR TRUANT OR UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. That includes homework, tests, quizzes and any projects.

Make-up exams must be taken before each 5 week grading period is done and are in a different format from the previous test. It is the student’s responsibility to request a make-up exam.

There are no make-ups on quizzes, and a percentage of the chapter test grade and the written evaluation is substituted for the missing quiz so the student will not be penalized.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Please see Agoura High School Attendance Policy. Three unexcused absences OR 6 unexcused tardies will result in a DROP/FAIL from the class. Students must be in their seat when the bell rings or they will be marked tardy.

CHEATING: All forms of cheating (copying homework, plagiarism, talking during an exam, cheat sheets, etc.) will not be tolerated. If caught cheating the student will receive a 0 in the task will be referred to the assistant principal.

HALL PASSES: Students will receive 3 passes per semester. You receive 2 extra credit points for each pass NOT used. Each use of a hall pass beyond the 3 allowed will result in a reduction from Community Standards.

CHICLE, COMIDA, BEBIDA: NO gum, food or drink is allowed in class. Water is OK.

CORTESIA (Courtesy): Everyone in class is to be treated in a respectful manner. You must always use appropriate language. Anyone breaking this expectation will receive a “U” for cooperation and will loose their participation points. Dress for success – Please see the Agoura High School Dress Code. No hats are allowed in the classroom.


Grades are broken down as follows:

Approximate grade composition:

93-100% A

92-90% A-

89-88% B+

87-83% B

82-80% B-

79-78% C+

77-73% C

70-72% C-

69-68% D+

67-63% D

62-60% D

below 60% F

Assignment Weightings

Tests & Projects 40%

Oral Proficiency 20%

Homework/ Classwork 10%

Community Standards 10%

Final Exam/Assessment 20%

EXTRA CREDIT: There will be very little extra credit offered during the year. It is best to take advantage of an opportunity when it arises because they may not be another.

COMMUNITY STANDARDS: Your contribution and participation in our learning community will be monitored. You are expected to maintain a classroom environment that encourages students to speak and improve their Spanish. (Standards 5.1 and 5.2). Each grading period a student will be rewarded 20 points. Class is started when the bell rings. Any interruption to the class flow( for example tardies) will result in a deduction . Any infraction of the Community Standards will result in a deduction of 3 points.

SUPPORT:: Support will be built into the class period. This time will offer the opportunity to make-up tests, get help on homework and projects. There will also be one on one time with the teacher to ask questions about grades.