Forward Learning

Next Generation Learning Initiative

"LVUSD will promote an active learning culture where technology is a vehicle to maximize individual student achievement and contribution to the local and global community."

The Initiative

A Device for Every Student

Through the Forward Learning Initiative, every student in grades 3-11 carries with them and uses a personal device both throughout the school day and at home.

To purchase a laptop, click here to read more and request a quote.

Bring Your Own Device Program

Students have the added option to take part in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Click here for the program guidelines.

An Ecosystem for Learning

An architecture of next-generation applications with Google Apps for Education as a hub are being used to create a space for communication, collaboration, creativity, and learning.

An Education in Digital Literacy

Teaching students to use digital tools for communication, collaboration, and creativity is important, but teaching them to do so responsibly, wisely, and safely is a priority in the Forward Learning Digital Literacy Plan.

A Focus on Student-Centered Learning

Forward Learning is student-centered at its core, with access to a wide variety of powerful, digital tools and a focus on autonomy and choice that leads to a new culture of learning in LVUSD classrooms.

Want to learn more?

Check the menus at the top of the page for specific information. For an overview of the Forward Learning Strategic Plan, read the Executive Summary. Or for complete details, such as deployment strategy and timelines, staff development, etc., read the Full Plan.

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