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Next Generation Learning Initiative

Classroom Management

Have a Technology Routine:

Create simple routines with clearly defined expectations. For example:

  • Computers are stored on the desk, closed, until students are asked to open them
  • When the teacher is talking, close the screen and pay attention
  • Every time we do writing we open a Google Doc

Keeping kids focused on a specific digital tool helps creates consistency. As soon as they get the laptops, define where they can and can not access. You might ask students to refrain from changing the back round screen, changing the passwords or accessing settings. Have a charging station for students that may need to charge their computer but make it uncomfortable so they remember to

Use Technology to Keep Kids on Track:

Choose tools that can track student progress. Using Google Drive and classroom will allow you to keep track of student assignments by giving you access to revision history and real-time comments.

Remind the Class of Your Expectations:

You can never do this enough! Review the rules expectations weekly. Create posters for your classroom that clearly state the rules.

Start Small:

Use programs you are comfortable with and use one or 2 that you like. Don't feel overwhelmed to use or know all of the applications that are available on the laptop, use Google Drive and docs. This will give you time to explore other options.

Mix it Up:

Don't get in a rut! Use different types of media with your lessons to keep kids engaged.

First Use:

Be sure to take the time to teach proper care and use never assume that the students know how to use the laptop. The laptops are new to them and so is the idea of using a computer as a tool and not for a a game or social connection. Employ the rules and make sure they are posted and understood. Also for the first few times using them as a group make sure everyone is doing the same assignment. Don't let them do their own tasks until you are comfortable.

No Secrets:

Let your students know that you can check on what they have been doing. Show them how you can look at their Internet history and check their download files. By letting them know that you will be checking up on them it will keep them on task.

Lesson Plans:

Make sure that you include time in your lesson plan to review how to use technology. If you are having them do a Google Presentation don't assume that they know how to create one properly. You are building these skills as you go.

Laptop Time:

Let students know when and when not to have their laptops out for use. If you are doing a lesson that does not include technology have a plan on where the laptops should be; on desks closed, in back packs.

Student Tech Leaders:

At each school student tech leaders will be trained and available to you. Know who they are and let them help!

More Resources:

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