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Google Account Information

Many parents and guardians have question about what it means for their child to have an LVUSD Google account. Below is a brief explanation along with the most frequently asked questions about Google accounts. A printable copy of this document is available here.

Las Virgenes Unified School District is proud to be a G Suite for Education district. Like thousands of schools and universities around the world, we have adopted GAFE to enable students and teachers to collaborate and learn more effectively using technology. GAFE is free for schools, contains no advertising, and is committed to maintaining student privacy.

The tools provided by G Suite include Drive, an online space to create and store documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and drawings, Classroom, where students can receive assignments from their teachers and submit them electronically, and Gmail, an email program, in addition to many other tools. The collaboration options in G Suite make it possible for students to work together online, editing and communicating about their projects in a manner that increases learning and mirrors the situation found in modern universities and workplaces, thus preparing our students for the environments they will face after graduation.

The District is committed to working with students to ensure that G Suite is used in a productive and responsible manner. We regularly deliver lessons on digital citizenship, appropriate behavior, and online safety. Students are taught that the G Suite account is to be used only for school-related work and is subject to the same rules of behavior and courtesy expected in school.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians:

Q: How is the LVUSD G Suite email account different from a regular Gmail account?

A: LVUSD has control over which services are available to its users. We have available filters and other safeguards in place. For example, elementary students may not send or receive email to users outside the school district. In addition, the District has access to view and limit use of email and all Google tools to make sure they are used appropriately. We also have archiving, so students can’t delete emails, documents, or files to prevent us from seeing them.

Q: Does Google analyze my child’s information in their systems for any purpose?

A: No. Unlike a standard Google account, G Suite accounts are not analyzed by Google’s systems for advertising or any other purposes.

Q: Can I see what my child has in his/her G Suite account?

A: Yes. If your child will not share the password with you, you can request it from the Educational Technology department.

Q: Are there consequences for misusing the G Suite account?

A: Yes. Students must respect the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, students who use laptops in class must also follow the rules in the Laptop Users Agreement.

Q: Can the G Suite account be accessed outside of school?

A: Yes. You will need a computer or smartphone and access to the internet.

Q: If my child already has a Gmail account, can he/she use that instead?

A: No. Many items in our G Suite environment are shared only with LVUSD students and teachers. Students logging in with an outside Gmail account would not have access to these files.

Q: Since online manners and safety are being discussed at school, does this mean that I don’t need to talk to my child about them?

A: No. We encourage you to continue discussing these very important topics with your child.

Q: Where can I learn more about G Suite?

A: Further information can be found here: and here:

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