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Next Generation Learning Initiative

Student Device Agreement

For this program every parent and student must sign and return the signature page on the Student Device Agreement below prior to using a device in an LVUSD classroom. This applies to both personally-owned and District-owned devices. This agreement should be accompanied by the LVUSD Responsible Use Guidelines, which can be viewed by clicking on the link to the left. Click here for a printable copy of the Student Device Agreement.

______________________________________ (hereinafter “STUDENT”) and ______________________________________ (hereinafter “PARENT/GUARDIAN”), in exchange for the Las Virgenes Unified School allowing STUDENT to possess and use a Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone, or any other technology (herinafter DEVICE) while on campus, whether personally owned or provided at the discretion of the District, hereby agree as follows:

  1. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN acknowledge receipt of this Agreement, the LVUSD Responsible Use Guidelines, and the LVUSD Laptop Insurance Information document, and that they understand their applicability and agree to abide by the procedures, regulations and other rules set forth in them and in this Agreement.
  2. In return for the District permitting STUDENT to utilize the DEVICE in school and, for school-owned devices, to take the DEVICE off-campus, STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN agree and understand the DEVICE is to be utilized as an academic school supply in support of classroom learning and intellectual development. Students are responsible for bringing their fully charged DEVICE to school each day.
  3. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand that the use and possession of the DEVICE is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to use their devices in accordance with all School rules, policies and procedures, and any applicable state or federal laws. Failure to do so will result in one or more of the consequences listed below as determined by the staff and administration of the School:
    • Student conference
    • Parent conference
    • Revocation or suspension of use or access privileges including take home privileges for School-owned devices
    • Any and all school disciplinary actions including, but not limited to detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspensions, and expulsion
    • Civil and/or criminal liability under state or federal law
  4. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree that the District is not responsible for fees and charges incurred via online merchants and services which have not received prior authorization by District staff. These charges include, but are not limited to, online music, gaming services, software subscriptions, and purchased goods and services.
  5. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIANS understand and consent that the District may look at or review STUDENT’S files stored on the DEVICE under the following circumstances:
    1. After a School-owned DEVICE has been returned by STUDENT to the District:
      1. At the end of a school year; or
      2. Any other time STUDENT is required to permanently return the DEVICE and has prior notice and adequate opportunity to remove STUDENT’S files from the DEVICE.
    2. If the District has a reasonable suspicion that STUDENT is violating District rules or policies, authorized District administrators may take custody of the DEVICE and review STUDENT files. “Reasonable suspicion” means reasonable grounds exists that the search will uncover evidence that the STUDENT violated the law or school rules or District policies. The scope of the search must be reasonably related to the violation which justified the search. Under no circumstances will a District employee access a DEVICE remotely for the purpose of this subsection b.
    3. Teachers and other school personnel may provide assistance to STUDENT in locating or managing STUDENT’S files in the presence of and at the request of STUDENT.
    4. As disclosed in the request for permission for remote access provided to STUDENT if STUDENT requests that a District Information Systems professional access STUDENT’s DEVICE remotely to resolve a technical problem.
  6. In some instances it may be necessary for a school Information Systems professional to remotely access and control an individual DEVICE to provide technical support and/or software activation/configuration. If this is needed, STUDENT will be asked for permission before the remote access is performed. STUDENT will not be asked for permission prior to automated software or configuration changes sent out to all devices as necessary for the maintenance and proper operation of the DEVICE. Such software maintenance may involve the correction of altered code or programming and in some cases may remove files and/or applications.
  7. For school-owned devices, STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree that (a) the DEVICE is at all times the property of the District; and (b) STUDENT has no right to disable or modify any hardware installed on the DEVICE.
  8. For School-owned devices, STUDENT understands and agrees that at the end of the school year, upon request of an Administrator, or upon STUDENT withdrawal from the District, STUDENT must return the DEVICE to the School in the same condition that the DEVICE was originally provided to STUDENT, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
  9. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree that they are not to attempt any repairs/services on School-owned devices and that damaged devices must be returned to the School for repair/service.
  10. For school-owned devices, STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree that the DEVICE is deemed to be in the custody of STUDENT from the time STUDENT receives the DEVICE until the time the DEVICE is returned to the designated School representative. If the DEVICE is lost, damaged or stolen, PARENT/GUARDIAN and STUDENT will immediately advise School Administration of the incident and all relevant information. The PARENT/GUARDIAN and STUDENT signatures below constitute consent for the District to utilize Internet Protocol tracking until the DEVICE is actually located by the District or until PARENT/GUARDIANS or STUDENT provide written notification that the DEVICE is no longer missing.
  11. The District will assume no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen devices.
  12. In the event that a School-owned DEVICE is lost, damaged, or stolen while in the custody of STUDENT, STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN agree that they are responsible to the School for the cost to repair or replace the DEVICE. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree they are responsible for all accidental damages to School-owned devices and subject to a cost of repair ( cost of parts ) or replacement ( $350 ), unless otherwise insured. The School will arrange a loaner DEVICE, as needed, during the repair period. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree they will be accountable for all repair or replacement costs due to willful and intentional damage the DEVICE and accessories.
  13. STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN understand and agree that if the School determines that STUDENT failed to adequately care for a School-owned DEVICE or violates District rules or policies, then the School may terminate STUDENT’S ability to use the DEVICE. If the School determines that STUDENT acted with intent to damage School’s property, then, in addition to any other available remedies, the School may refer the matter for appropriate civil, criminal and/or juvenile proceedings.

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