Post Grad Center

College reps: AHS will host 30 minute visits on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from September 20th - November 16th.

Please direct questions to Kristin Hall at

The Post Grad Center is a resource for all students at Arapahoe High School. Students learn about the Post Grad Center and the use of Naviance Student, a college and career readiness platform, at the fall class presentations each year of high school and at their one- on-one appointments sophomore and junior year.

While students do not apply to college until senior year, the work that is considered by college representatives begins freshmen year and continues throughout high school. EACH YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL COUNTS! Students are advised to carefully choose their high school classes with college goals in mind, challenge themselves appropriately with coursework, work to their potential to earn top grades and scores on standardized tests, and to get involved at school and in the community.

Our expectation is that students take ownership of the college application process. Students who have the most success in choosing a college with the best academic, social, and financial fit are those who do the following:

  • plan ahead
  • thoroughly research
  • recognize their abilities and needs
  • stay organized during the application process

The Post Grad Center hosts several events during the year to help students/families in the preparation process. In chronological order: College Application Boot Camp, Post Grad sophomore/junior visits, college visits @ AHS, Financial Aid Night, Application Day, and College Night. See the event link for information on these and others promoted by the Post Grad Center.

Kristin Hall

Post Graduate Specialist