MEDIA - Towards a school of European citizens

involvement: making our students responsible

actors in their use of the media


This project aims to contribute to the fight against the digital divide, so that this proliferation of media in our modern world can build an inclusive and civic information society. The objective of this project is to train informed users, creative actors capable of using media tools wisely.

Together, the students will create TV news and a charter for the right user of tomorrow's media.


During the various mobilities, students will be led to reflect on the processing of information in the media through conferences, editorial visits, exhibitions, and questions from information professionals.

The tasks and finals of the mobilities will be: creation of radio programmes on the theme of media literacy in schools, transformation of a paper press article into an online article, creation of a timeline on "the evolution of media from paper to dematerialization", work on the various existing applications for detecting infox, development of a toolbox accompanied by tutorials in order to be able to offer turnkey tools to their high schools, writing articles on the same current events in different tones, photo exhibition and analysis of the journalistic image, writing the charter of the good user of tomorrow's media, creation of a television news. For students who are going on a long stay, a bi-monthly journalistic column will be required and published on eTwinning. The common theme of these columns will be: a critical reading of the host country's media.