Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Teachers

Team A:

Mrs. Kyndal Stephens (ELA) 

Mrs. Colleen Tyrone (Math) 

Mrs. Jennifer Lukens (Sci/SS)

Team B:

Mrs. Deaven Thomas (ELA)

Mrs. Heather Dailey (Math)

Mrs. Chloe Burks (Sci/SS)

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Chloe Nobles

Kendyl Stephens

Colleen Tyrone

2023-2024 Supply List

Students will need ALL supplies listed below on the first day of school. 

Please write your name on everything! 

Please feel free to reuse any supplies from previous years!


*If you buy a school supply kit, please note that a backpack, tissues, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer will not be in the box and must be purchased separately. 

The following donations are also greatly appreciated!