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Students & families:

Please look at the common issues listed below to see whether any of them address your problem.

If none of the solutions below help you, before proceeding further, be sure you have notified your teacher via email/Dojo/Classroom/phone call.

Once your teacher is aware, you may submit a support request directly to IT by clicking the button below.

Common Technology Tips/Help Questions and Answers

Entering a technology ticket will alert our technicians, and they will email or call you back as soon as possible. Students can enter tickets 24 hours a day and will be addressed on the next business day.

Technology Phone Line will be open from 8:00-4:00, Monday through Friday

I'm new to using a Chromebook. How do I get started?

  • Visit Chromebook Help or How to Chromebook for general tips and resources.

  • If you're using a LCS-owned Chromebook, you might not be able to adjust some settings or install certain apps or extensions.

How do I log into a Chromebook, Classroom, and other G Suite tools?

From the Classroom login page or the Chromebook login screen, you'll enter your G Suite account name and password. (If using a family Windows, macOS or Linux device, we strongly encourage users to first log out of all other Google accounts in Chrome, including personal ones.)

  • Your LCS G Suite account name is

    • Graduation year

    • First Legal Name

    • Last Legal Name


    • For example, student John Doe who graduates in 2021 would have the account name

  • You have set your password up at school prior to virtual learning. If you have trouble remembering your password, submit a technology ticket below to have it reset.

  • LCS-owned Chromebooks can only be logged into with a LCS G Suite account.

Meet and/or Chrome is doing funny things, features aren't working, or it just seems broken

  • Restart your computer, and close browser tabs/windows and programs that you don't need open for virtual learning.

  • When sharing your display, avoid sharing the Meet window itself. When possible, use the option to share an individual Chrome tab. If you need to switch to sharing another tabs, move to that tab and click the Share this tab instead button to shift focus.

  • Uninstall Chrome extensions (video), especially any that are designed to enhance Meet.

  • LCS has configured Meet to try to adjust video and sound quality based on your network conditions. However, you can proactively downgrade video and/or sound. Before clicking the Join button to open a Meet, , they can proactively downgrade the quality of video sent and received. Here is a demonstration.

Some other factors might be beyond your control, such as the quality of the network connection you're using (beyond even your home Wi-Fi).

I know I'm logged into G Suite/Google, but I'm not seeing Classrooms or access to Meet like I expect

  • One of the biggest causes of this is being logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser profile.

  • Log out of all your Google/G Suite accounts, and log back in with only your CSD G Suite account.

  • You can setup multiple user profiles in Chrome on a Windows, macOS, or Linux device -- written guidance is here

How do I get the webcam to work on my Chromebook or in the Chrome browser?

  1. Restart the Chromebook or computer. This almost always resolves the issue. If that doesn’t work...

  2. In Chrome, to the left of the web address, click the Lock icon.

  3. On the menu that appears, check that the setting next to Camera says Allow.

See this page for more detailed directions.

My chromebook will not turn on

  1. Make sure device is plugged into a known working outlet

  2. Make sure power cord is securely plugged into power brick

  3. Plug in Chromebook with the lid open and let it charge for 20 minutes and then try turning it on.

My screen is rotated upside-down or sideways! How do I get the screen to face the right direction?

Press and hold down together the Control, Shift, and Refresh buttons

Something else is wrong with my Chromebook.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call (229) 245- 6589

The contents of this site were inspired partly by the "virtual vanguard" folks from the City of Decatur Schools