Mrs. Lukens' 5th grade

Science / Social Studies Class

I am so excited about this school year. This is my fourth year at HES and it is my 20th year teaching. Science and Social Studies are my favorite subjects. I will be teaching a lot of conservation through the use of my vertical aeroponics garden called The Tower Garden. Students will be collecting data about vegetable growth, learning about how our garden conserves resources, and how to grow plants with no soil. The best part is, they get to grow the vegetables and then eat them them throughout the year. We grow mostly lettuce, so that means salads! YUM! The kids love it!

In our class, we take learning seriously, but we also make it fun! This year, I challenge you to make learning fun at home by helping your child research the topics we are learning about in class. Please have students log on to and access our HMH Science texts, Gallopade Social Studies texts, and use Study Island for lessons and quizzes. Please help your child to study information from the study guides that will be sent home several days before each unit test. Thank you in advance for your commitment to your child's education!

Ask us about our class Tower Garden Project.

School Supplies for 5th grade:

  • Earbuds (MUST HAVE for Chrome books)
  • 1 binder
  • 2 pks Notebook paper
  • Colored pencils
  • zippered pencil pouch
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Scissors
  • 2 doz #2 Wooden Pencils
  • 1 pack erasers
  • One subject spiral notebook
  • Highlighters
  • Hand Held enclosed pencil sharpener