Lakeridge Yearbook

Did I buy a book?

Check the list online! Books can be bought at school from the bookkeeper or you can go to the online Pacer Student Store.  

Want to buy a book?

Search for Lakeridge High School fees on left side.  

Book price is set by the LOSD school board.

For questions on using the online store, contact the bookkeeper. 

'24  Baby Ad Submission

Ad sales are closed for 2024

Baby Ad Information

        Senior Photo         Guidelines

'24 Senior Photo Submission

Senior photos due Nov.  1, 2023

'24 Senior Survey

Due Nov. 17 by 4 p.m.

Late surveys are not accepted

Senior quotes are limited to 120 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation. 

Senior quotes must be free from:

We do not accept quotes that are time stamps or provide links to internet sources. We also cannot print emojis.

Quotes that do not adhere to these standards will not be published. Students will not be given a chance to submit a second quote.  You may also face disciplinary action.

'24 Senior Survey Submission

Due Nov. 17 by 4 p.m.

Check back later

You must be logged into your school email to submit.  Only one submission is allowed per student.  Submission link was provided to student emails.

Be sure that your submission follows the guidelines. Students who submit quotes that do not follow the guidelines will not be allowed to turn in another quote and may be referred to the school administration.