Baby Ad Information

Senior Baby Ads Lakeridge Yearbook  

Due Date: January 22, 24

Congratulate your student as he/she graduates with a personal message printed in our yearbook! 

Important FAQs

Building your ad:  You can now pre-design your ad for inclusion in our book! Like always, you get to choose the photos and the text for your ad. Photos can be current or from childhood. If you want yearbook students to design your ad, they will. If yearbook students design your ad,  they will  complete light photo corrections,  like cropping and resizing photos to fit into your ad. 

Ad sizes and prices:

Ad prices are based on size. They have not changed since at least 2004.  The final price, including a service fee, is:

Eighth Page $80 Quarter Page $120 Half Page $215 Full Page $400

Select and upload your photos: 

Special instructions: Which photo would you like to be the biggest? If so, please tell us in the special instructions box.

Payment: Pay using the online system using a credit card or Paypal. Once your payment is cleared, you will receive a receipt sent to your buyer email. Without payment, yearbook students will not receive your ad information.

Ad Proofing: Students will email you a proof of your ad, generally sometime in February. We send the proof to the buyer email address that is entered on the online system.

Ready to get started? To submit your ad and upload your materials, click here 

Need more help?


Step by step instructions:

Big yellow 2023-2024 button

Create a Baby Ad--click on blue Get Started button

Fill in student information and buyer email address. We communicate with the buyer email, so choose one you check often.

Pick what type of ad:  Let yearbook students design your ad, upload an ad you have pre-built or design your own ad online.

Select your type and your size. The final ad price includes a processing fee; see the final prices above.

Select COLOR as your color option. You are welcome to use black/white photos if you would like. Hit the Next button.

Make sure your choices are correct and choose Select Launch ad designer

Type in your text.

Upload your photos.

Get to the payment system. You can use a credit card or PayPal.