quiz extra hw points 20pts

TRUE AND FALSE If all answers are correct you earn 20 points for HW

On your notebook paper write “T” if true or “F” if false.

  1. One difference between sexual and asexual reproduction is the number of parents involved.
  2. Vegetative Reproduction is a form of sexual reproduction.
  3. Budding involves the development of a group of cells on the side of the organism.
  4. In the flower the anther is attached to the style and carries pollen.
  5. The combination of two parents genetic material is an advantage for organisms that reproduce using asexual means.

MULTIPLE CHOICE (1/2 point each)

Write the letter of the BEST answer next to the number on your notebook paper :

6. The following is a difference between sexual and asexual reproduction.

a. type of DNA c. number of tissue types

b. number of parents d. one is dominant over the other

7. The genetic information of offspring compared to the parents in sexual reproduction is____________

a. nearly identical. c. a combination of the parents.

b. not even close. d. closer to a rabbits DNA.

8. Binary Fission involves:

a. growth from existing plant parts. c. development of new organisms from parts.

b. growth of small bud d. dividing into two equal parts.

9. In the flower, the ovary contains one or more

a. ovules c. ovyoualls

b. ovuals d. ovmealls

10. Which of the following is an advantage to sexual reproduction?

a. Diversification of DNA c. Identical DNA

b. Diversification of RNA d. Identical RNA

Essay (2 point each)

Write one or two sentences for the following using good grammar and punctuation:

11. Describe the processes of pollination.

12. Describe one positive and one negative aspect of Asexual Reproduction.