March 18, 2019

Watch this movie and answer the following questions.

1. Which 2 gases make up our atmosphere?

2. How does the air protect us?

3. What are the five layers?

4. What happens to the gases as you go higher in the atmosphere?

5. Which layer is the most dense?

6. Which layer is known as the weather layer?

7. What happens to the temperature in the stratosphere?

8. What absorbs UV rays?

9. What burns up in the mesosphere?

10. What is in the thermosphere?

Meteorology packet pages that are recommended.

3/18 pages 2,3,4, and or 6

3/20 pages 16 and 17

3/21 page 12

3/23 pages 14,15

3/24 pages 22, 22

3/25 pages 26,27

3/26 page 29

March 20, 2019

1. What 2 characteristics do air masses have?

2. What are the 4 different types of air masses?

3. How does a continental air mass differ from an maritime air mass?

4. How is a tropical air mass different from a polar air mass?

5. What happens when air masses stay over a region for a long period of time?

6. What weather does a maritime tropical air mass bring in the summer? winter?

7. What are mass can bring a blizzard? WHY?



March 26, 2019

Complete 5 examples from this worksheet. You can draw them on a separate sheet of paper

meteorology hw 2017.doc

Suggested HW for April 1. 2019


Use the link above.

1. draw and describe what happens at each front