Application Process

Application Tips

  • Don't wait until the last minute to apply.
  • Applications are competitive, so be descriptive and thorough.
  • Are you Tweeting? If not, start now!
  • Contact your campus TIM or current VIP teachers if you have questions.

The Application Process

Online Application

Applicant submits request via our automated system requesting to submit an application to the VIP program.

          • Principal approves or denies request to apply.
          • The application becomes available mid school year for teachers.

Applicant Questions

Completion of a detailed online application to become a member of the VIP Team is required, application questions are below:

          • Write a brief narrative explaining why you would be a great choice for the LISD VIP team.
          • Describe what teaching and learning would like like in your ideal classroom.
          • What changes do you anticipate would be evident in your ideal classroom and how will you communicate with parents and guardians about changes in classrooms practices?
          • What digital tools and devices are you proficient with and/or certified in?
          • Describe how you will incorporate each of the five VIP Tenets in your classroom.
          • Do you tweet? What is your Twitter handle?

Review of Applications

How applications are reviewed:

          • Blind review (names and campuses are covered up) of applications done by the VIP leadership team.
          • Rubric used for the review of questions.
          • Review tweets of the applicants to get a feel for what the teaching and learning looks like in the classroom.

Tweet Your Story

Applicants are encouraged to tell their story.

          • As applications are reviewed tweets of the applicants are looked at to see what they do in their rooms.
          • If accepted into the VIP program the team members are asked to tweet their classroom lessons, successes, class meetings, etc. at least once a week using #LISDVIP.
LISD VIP Welcome Bag

Acceptance to the Visionary Instruction Plan Team

Teachers are welcomed by the VIP leadership team in a fun, celebratory ¨festive occasion:¨

        • Distribute the Welcome to VIP bags.
            • VIP leadership team wears the LISD VIP t-shirt when making deliveries to new cohort
            • Our brand is sunglasses with our logo, teachers are handed sunglasses with the logo on it to wear in the photo op.
        • Theme is selected for music to be playing as team enters the room with the award bag. (video is made to showcase highlights of the award day, see below)
        • Bag includes such items as a
            • small token of welcome
            • a letter of welcome from the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
            • a link to Flipgrid videos from the other VIP cohorts saying welcome and giving tips about what VIP will do for them to enhance learning, etc.
            • laptop and iPad stickers with VIP brand
            • tenet sign and VIP sign to put outside classroom door
            • order form for the LISD VIP t-shirt

Cohort 2 & 3 Award Day Videos