Lockhart ISD Visionary Instruction Plan


Visionary Instruction Plan (VIP) Mission

This initiative aims to establish an innovative instructional vision for the district; from campuses and classrooms to administrators, teachers, and students. A team of innovative and tech-savvy educators, technology and instructional staff, and administrators, the LISD VIP Team, is charged with creating the next generation classroom in LISD.

Visionary Classrooms are about teaching and learning environments that are truly engaging for students and teachers. They are developed to provide a supportive classroom community, target goals focused on student progress, encourage leveraging technology to innovate, use of effective instructional strategies and curriculum, and utilize flexible learning paths based on a robust assessment system that is competency driven.

Every student in Lockhart ISD is a VIP, so let’s give them the VIP (Visionary Instruction Plan) treatment with instruction that:

LISD VIP Word Cloud