Lockhart JrHigh Library


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LJHS Library Media Center

The Lockhart Junior High Media Center has one, fully certified Library Media Specialist. The media center currently has magazines subscriptions, newspaper subscriptions, computers with Internet access, and an automated card catalog. The library also features a large MAKER SPACE stocked with materials and devices for individual and collaborative learning and exploring.

LJHS Library Quirks

  • We talk in our library.
  • We laugh and play games.
  • We work on projects with each other.
  • We read together.
  • We create, in our library.
  • We encourage each other.
  • We house things other than books.
  • We are humans…with similar goals in mind.
  • We support the greater goal of LJHS.
  • We take pride in our school & community.
  • We dream.

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Library Goals

LJHS Library Goals


  • Fill up the space with learners.
  • Allow students and staff in and out of the library, all day, every day.
  • Assist and collaborate with students and teachers for academic and social needs.
  • Encourage parent involvement.
  • Foster and develop students and staff literacy (Get everyone READING!).
  • Utilize the space for creative and collaborative efforts.
  • Facilitate and enhance technology.
  • Facilitate and enhance district professional development opportunities.

Our Librarian is Busy

  • She helps everyone (especially YOU)
  • She gets excited a lot & frustrated, too
  • She schedules & troubleshoots Renaissance Learning
  • She assists with technology
  • She trains student assistants
  • She monitors the foyer and hallways
  • She is the school ID guru
  • She laminates for everyone
  • She teaches and mentors
  • She tutors students in all areas or finds a professional who can ☺
  • She loves our school & district and wants you to love it, too
  • She will get you parent volunteers
  • She wants to help you research
  • She schedules the computer labs via email
  • She is your greatest resource! Use her.

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We have a special library mascot, named Rosie Chula. She loves books, kids, and the outdoors. She was raised in the library her entire first year of life. Now, she resides in her home on Castix Ranch and has a new buddy, Max.