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This is an LMAT page dedicated to our teachers skills to inspire our students.

Walk the Wonders

This is the debut music video for 'Walk the Wonders' sung and co-written by Sara Shevlin.

The video has already won an award in the film making industry, I mean, who wouldn't want to award a film about a skateboarding vampire?!

As you may already know, Valeria Pozzo is a wonderful violinist and teacher but did you know she is also a beautiful Singer-Songwriter?! She has already had commercial success with a high profile commission recording a cover of 'Here comes the Sun' at Abbey Road studios for a Peroni advert. This video is one of her own songs called 'Save your Kiss' (and the video was made by LMAT piano teacher and concert pianist, Stefano Padoan).

Students and Teachers come together in the LMAT extravaganza. Here is an image taken from the track 'Come with me' using a string arrangement of Led Zeppelin's 'Cashmere'.